"Once you pass a certain age, life becomes nothing more than a process of continual loss. Things that are important in your life begin to slip out of your grasp, one after another, like a comb losing teeth. And the only things that come to take their place are worthless imitations." - Haruki Murakami (via likeafieldmouse)

week off work so thought i’d finish off an old drawing, going to take awhile.

i post more stuff on http://failureon.tumblr.com/.

having a  break from artwork atm but i’ll be back.


TOUCHÉ AMORÉ - Gravity, Metaphorically

From the Touché Amoré / Pianos Become The Teeth split

start of a flash sheet on black card using white, silver and red ink. practicing drawing something different. will scan it in properly when its complete as this image doesnt show the detail.

Foals - Inhaler (by wearefoals)

 probably one of the only bands within my musical taste that i can get away with playing on the counter at work. this new song is sick, wouldn’t mind painting an empty pool either.

my laptop cant handle running photoshop properly at the moment but i managed to scan this design in & add a background with a few textures as well as many “not responding” moments.
i have posted this illustration before which is based around the song wooden heart by listener but i decided to re print the original and use my pro-markers to add some more colour.
im pretty obsessed with purple, pink & blue at the moment so expect more bright ones like this soon when i can actually get photoshop up and running properly!


Code Orange Kids - Love is Love // Return to Dust
Jesus, this fucking album.

ive been very quiet lately but im still working on my t shirt designs for January release along with poster prints so keep an eye out, for now follow my other tumblr where i post a lot of musical influences and a lot of silly crap.

love x

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